Mamaw Kate and Papaw

Mamaw Kate and Papaw

I have a fairly large family. There are two people, however, whom stand out to me- my Mamaw Kate and my Papaw. My great- grandmother, Mamaw Kate (Katie McCreight), and grandfather, Papaw (Randy Ray Warren), are two important role models in my life and both are now deceased. I try, however, to constantly use the both as a reminder as to how to live my life like I should. My great- grandmother and my grandfather had many similarities to them.

Both my Mamaw Kate and my Papaw were family oriented. Mamaw Kate’s house was always full- especially on Sunday’s. Everybody would gather at Mamaw Kate’s house for a delicious home cooked meal which was always followed by loud and continuous bursts of laughter and conversation that could be heard all throughout the house and even outside. Papaw’s house was the same way. Throughout the summer on every holiday- Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July- the family would gather at Papaw’s house for swimming, his amazing meals, and the company of each other. The many meals we had at Papaw’s were his mouthwatering fish, juicy hamburgers, and sometimes pork loin. You never knew what to expect, but you knew it was always going to be good. Both Mamaw Kate and Papaw were family oriented and always kept a warm house.

I have never met anyone that could be as loving as my Mamaw Kate and my Papaw. Mamaw Kate was one of these people who were always ready to lend a helping hand, listen to what you had to say, and love you unconditionally. Papaw was the same way and he was well respected. Papaw was respected for many reasons- he was honest, hardworking, friendly, and loving. I have never met anybody that did not like my grandfather. Both my Mamaw Kate and Papaw would love anyone- no matter what they had done- and would always do what they could to help someone in need- no matter what situation he/she was in. A good thing about Mamaw Kate and Papaw being loving is they were also loved. Both Mamaw Kate and Papaw always put others first and would assist others with no complaints. Mamaw Kate and Papaw were also always there for a shoulder to cry on or just someone to talk to.

Both Mamaw Kate and Papaw were a fighters. Mamaw Kate fought cancer for quite some time and while she eventually lost the battle, I do not think I know any women as strong as I think my Mamaw Kate was. My Mamaw Kate had cancer which spread throughout her body- it was everywhere. It got to a point where my great- grandmother could not eat anything and eventually not drink anything. Through all the pain and trials my Mamaw Kate endured with cancer, she never gave up. Mamaw Kate always held her head high, believed strongly in her faith, and did not mourn over her situation. My Papaw was also a fighter due to many health problems- cancer, aneurisms, back problems, and blood clots were among the list. My Papaw never gave up, however. Until the day Papaw died, my grandfather kept busy and never quit just because he was not doing well. He pressed on. I respect both my Mamaw Kate and Papaw for the fights each endured through.

My Mamaw Kate and Papaw have set a sort of pathway for me. There are several similarities in Mamaw Kate and Papaw’s personalities which help me see how I want to live my life. By seeing how Mamaw Kate and Papaw’s lives played out, I know that I want to take their similarities and incorporate these into my life. I want to be family oriented, loving, always putting others first, and being a fighter. If Mamaw Kate and Papaw could do it, why can’t I?