Creighton Method

My husband and I are now doing the Creighton Method which I really love. The Creighton Method is also known as Natural Family Planning. It is completely natural and is a great way to help diagnose what may be going on with your body as well as to get a much more accurate reading as to when/ if you are ovulating (ladies with PCOS, this is MUCH more reliable than the ovulation tests). The Creighton method is focused around your cervical mucus and for any ladies that have been charting for years as I have- I can assure you, it’s much more in depth than you think, but your experience can be helpful. Below are some resources for you to learn more. Do be aware that if this is something you are interested in, you need to find a doctor in your area that specializes in reading the Creighton method charts and you will also have to find an “instructor.” This is the person that will help guide you through how to record various things day to day as well as help to be sure you are accurately keeping your records so as to get the most accurate diagnosis and help to distinguish actual ovulation dates, the exact date of conception, and so much more. Your area may have an instructor, but if not, fear not! There are instructors who do long distance instructing via Skype or Facetime (this is actually how mine is done).  – This is the main website anyone will give you to find information on the Creighton Method and I am here to tell you, when you are new to it, it may not make any sense whatsoever. If you have questions, feel free to comment and I’ll help as best I can to guide you.

Fertility Charting

There are several fertility charts out there but this is the one that I chose to use. Beyond it being beautiful, there were areas that I have customized to fit for me. In the miscellaneous column, I use that for symptoms that I have as well as if I were sick or if there were any extraordinary circumstances for a particular day.  I also like the fact that I could track the longest and shortest cycles I had for the previous year. If you want to see a sample chart filled out, go here 

The blank version of the chart is here:

Tips for charting:

Fertility Apps

I personally like the Ovia fertility app. Below is a link to the app for apple phones and android phones. You can use these links to see what the app looks like. The app offers daily predictions for your projected fertile week and projected cycles. With this app, you are able to customize your cycles (length, how long periods last), your extenuating circumstances (PCOS, endometriosis, miscarriages, etc.), you have access to special offers for samples of fertility supplements, and access to the ovia community. The ovia community is an anonymous forum where you can post questions as well as answer questions regarding to fertility. Ovia also has a pregnancy app for when you finally get that big fat positive test result!

More Information on PCOS

Free Samples and Coupons

Every woman is different so I encourage you to research anything that you may be wanting to try in regards to infertility assistance. Below are some coupons (some are one time only sadly) and free samples that you can request.

Pre-Mama Fertility Drink: Sample Request and $5.00 Coupon:

First Response Vitamins, Pre-Seed, and Pregnancy/ Ovulation Tests Coupons:

Daily Scripture Reading for Infertility


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