Post Announcement: Letting go of the anger

sof-hebrews-6-19-4_web1729676327.jpgToday’s post details a little of where we are right now with this journey of infertility and since our last miscarriage in July. A big part of this post is about deciding to let go of a lot of the anger I have held and noticing a major difference this last month. I have started feeling hope again, something that I haven’t felt very much these last few months.  Also, it is pregnancy and infant loss month. I am thankful for all of the women who have helped me along this journey thus far and I pray that all women going through a miscarriage will seek to help others going through the same difficult situations. I pray for anyone going through a miscarriage right now and always remember that you aren’t alone. Click here to view full post 


Post Announcement: Memorial with Riley and Oakley

Today’s post is a picture of the wall where Riley and Oakley’s names now are and how that has helped me to cope and grieve as well as how I have found a little bit of hope again this past month. Click here for the entire post or go to my blog in any internet browser, select Our Journey with Infertility, Memorial with Riley and Oakley.


News of an Impending Miscarriage

Today’s post is a very difficult one for me to make. I actually spent three days writing it. This post gives some information as to how we discovered that I would lose our rainbow baby as well as some of the emotions that we felt. To read the full post, click here.  One thing that helped me was a facebook group I am part of. When I made a post with my news in that group, so many women shared their experiences and shared many kind words and advice. While going through a miscarriage is a very difficult thing, and one I have experienced, this time was different. We found out that we were going to miscarry before we actually did and I do not know what I would have done without some of the women in my group reassuring me that what I was feeling was normal.