TTC Month 26- The Creighton Method and Progesterone

Romans 12:12Today’s post is about our journey with infertility and month 26. This month, we have found out a problem that has been hindering us from being able to conceive, and we have had a month and a half of charting with the Creighton method. Today’s post can be found by going to Our Journey with Infertility and then to Trying to Conceive- Month by Month or by clicking here.

New Post: Innocent Words that Hurt: Part 1

Proverbs 18:21

Today’s post is part of a 2 part series. Innocent words that hurt is today and goes over some questions and statements that I have been asked and many others suffering from PCOS or infertility have been asked. This post goes over how I cope with them and my response. This can be found under Our Journey with Infertility.