TTC: Month 29

Today’s post is an update on our journey with infertility. We are currently in the midst of month 29. This was the end of our first month with a new course of action for treatment and we survived Mother’s Day. You can find the entire post by clicking HERE or by going to my blog, Our Journey with Infertility, Month by Month, and TTC: Month 29.


TTC Month 26- The Creighton Method and Progesterone

Romans 12:12Today’s post is about our journey with infertility and month 26. This month, we have found out a problem that has been hindering us from being able to conceive, and we have had a month and a half of charting with the Creighton method. Today’s post can be found by going to Our Journey with Infertility and then to Trying to Conceive- Month by Month or by clicking here.

New Post: Innocent Words that Hurt: Part 1

Proverbs 18:21

Today’s post is part of a 2 part series. Innocent words that hurt is today and goes over some questions and statements that I have been asked and many others suffering from PCOS or infertility have been asked. This post goes over how I cope with them and my response. This can be found under Our Journey with Infertility.