Our Second Angel

Some already know this,  but on July 7, 2017 we had another miscarriage. Today marks one month and my heart is so very heavy for my sweet angel. Blogging really helped me heal and work through everything I felt when we lost Riley last August so I do plan on beginning to blog again in the near future. So many others in my infertility group lost babies in July as well. I ask for prayers of peace and healing for myself, my husband, and all the other mommies and daddies without their babies today.


TTC Month 26- The Creighton Method and Progesterone

Romans 12:12Today’s post is about our journey with infertility and month 26. This month, we have found out a problem that has been hindering us from being able to conceive, and we have had a month and a half of charting with the Creighton method. Today’s post can be found by going to Our Journey with Infertility and then to Trying to Conceive- Month by Month or by clicking here.


I have recently updated my blog and made some changes. Now, each post category has it’s own drop down menu, making it easier to find certain topics. Currently, I am working on updating “My Thoughts At Church”. You can still find all of the previous posts regarding prayer, fruits of the spirit, God’s promises to us, and more under  Mission Quests. Under Trips you can find my Italy trip from 2010 as well as YEC, Centrifuge, and other fun trips! Bible Book Study’s includes studies over individual chapters and books of the Bible that I have done for my own personal learning, for classes, or for Acteens! I hope you enjoy!