Customs, Thoughts, and Traditions

These are some of the things that I learned about the Italians that I did not know before

  • When they offer you something, whether it’s gum, drink, or food, take it- it’s rude not to
  • If you tell of a talent you have- singing, cheerleading- and they ask for you to do the talent, you should. It’s insulting to them if you don’t
  • Look them in the eye when speaking and even if you don’t know much of the language, still try.
  • They believe that birthmarks are caused when we are in the womb and the mother eats a spicy food or drinks coffee- it burns us
  • Rape isn’t really something that is existent because sex is just a part of life, almost encouraged
  • Don’t rush. Sit back and enjoy life
  • Every summer the girls go on diets (no matter how skinny) to lose weight for the guys
  • When two people are married they will drive through the city honking their horns (you should wave to them) and they will take pictures at different places in the city- it’s an all day affair

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