Italy Day 1

Journal Entry from June 3, 2010

DSCN4250As most of you know, I am super excited about this trip but absolutely terrified of the flying part. This could be an interesting day. Got up bright and early, 6:00 am, and left the house right at 7:30 am. After an anxious ride we got to the airport (and after some wrong turns thanks to Map Quest) we got to the airport right around 10:00 am. I met up with Amber and we made our way to the ticket counter and security. Of course, they had to check my carry on bags and they took my bottle of water. And it was a cute bottle! It was mini. . . We finally got through security and went to what I will call the holding area. The other 14 flying out from this airport were already there so we sat with them and started getting to know each other. At about 11:45 we boarded the plane. It was really little. My seat is 7B, which is in the middle. Can’t really see outside unless we turn but it’s still cool. My first plane ride and I loved it! It is soo amazing how we instantly take off and get so much speed. Then, here are the clouds. They are all around. It’s crazy! I never really realized how close the clouds were. Some are a really bright white while others are a dull gray. This experience is amazing and I am loving it.  I am so glad God has given me this opportunity. This flight will last 1 hr. and 15 min., then we will be in Chicago!

I am currently on the plane from Chicago to Rome. We had a 4 hr. layover in Chicago where we talked and played Crazy Eights adn Go- Fish with Disney Princess cards. The flight will be 8 hours adn 15 minutes. We will get in Rome about 2:00 am US time. This plane is huge! We boarded at K7 adn my seat is 29J- a window seat! I really enjoyed the take off. I’ve gotten to see Lake Michigan, a boat in some large body of water, adn clouds. I am sitting by Amber. I’ve gotten several pictures of clouds, buildings, water, adn a boat! Wes told me before getting on the flight in Memphis that flying is like being on a giant roller coaster, only a lot smoother. He was right- that is a really good way to describe it.

Right now it is 6 hours and 30 minutes till Rome. It is 2:30 am in Rome right now. We haven’t even gone over the ocean yet. It’s 7:30 at home. We’ve had supper and it was surprisingly good. I had lasagna, salad, a roll, a cookie, some yummy gourmet cheese, a coke, and a water. I still have yet to go to the bathroom on here- I am staying in my seat and not moving! It seems like in no time the sun was gone. It’s pretty cool because we are going 625 mph.


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