Italy Day 10

Journal Entry from June 12,2010

We started our morning out with a double decker tour bus that took us around Rome. This took about an hour, but it was really cool. After the bus tour, I went with Jason and Emily’s group to tour Rome. We went first to the Mouth Of Truth. Here, you stick your hand in a statue’s mouth and say something. If you lie, it cuts your hand off. If you tell the truth, then you keep your hand. I am happy to say that I kept my hand. While it is only a superstition, it is amazing how many people will tell the truth just so you don’t have to risk losing your hand. We then went to the Pyramid- yes, there is a Pyramid in Italy. An Italian man of higher authority fell in love with an Egyptian princess. Because he believed in keeping traditions alive, he built her a white, marble pyramid in Italy. After she died, he also buried her. Of course it is not pure white anymore, but it was still amazing to see a Pyramid in Italy. Right across the street from the Pyramid is the gates of Rome. It was outside these gates that Peter was killed. We also went and saw the Colosseum. The Colosseum was absolutely amazing. I have never felt so small in my life as when I took a picture next to it. They had to go far back and then you could barely find me! They even had the guards standing out there- they were quite funny. We went by several different fountains- several which we could drink from. I have never had water that was so cold and good. I wish I could of brought a lifetime supply of it home with me. We also saw the place where Julius Ceaser was killed and buried. I saw the Pope’s house, no Pope though, while we were in Vatican City. It was cool there. The gates around have secret tunnels (not so secret if we know about them I don’t think) that go through the walls for the Pope to go through. We also went and saw the Spanish Steps and the Big Wedding Cake (I can not remember the actual name of the place. This is what tourists referred to it as though).  We also went to a mosseleum. I know it sounds extremely creepy but it was really cool. The ceilings and walls were decorated with real  bones. For lunch we went to McDonald’s. Now, for anyone who has heard to never eat at McDonald’s in foreign  countries. It’s a lie!!! I have never tasted a burger that good. The lettuce and tomato was even fresh. Only downside, you had to pay for ketchup. For dinner we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. I had the Legendary 10 oz. which was really good. Our last stop for the night was the Trevi fountain. This was breathtaking. I even went to the bottom and stuck my hand in the water and I got a picture of me throwing a coin into the fountain and making a wish


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