Italy Day 2

Journal Entry from June 4, 2010

It is somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30 am at home. I saw this because I was told that we have no more than one hour on the plane. Then, we are in Rome. It’s really sunny right now, but we still have not gone over the ocean. I still have not slept. I looked at the sky all night. The stars looked as if they were so close that I could reach out and touch them. It was pitch black outside except for the stars and the moon. The moon was amazing. I t cast off the most beautiful glow onto the ocean. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so beautiful. I got to watch the sunrise. The water and sky (along with clouds) seemed to blend together dark blue, baby blue, purple, orange, blue. The colors blended together so smoothly. As it started to be light outside I could see the ocean and it was the prettiest baby blue I have ever seen. The clouds are all over the place. Sometimes it looks as if the sky is below us and the ocean above us.

I’m in Rome. Everything went great on the flight and now I’m here! Right now I am on a 2 hour bus ride to Naples! So, not so sure about this. People in Italy- CAN NOT park. Streets- crazy. Traffic- scary. Something that is cool is that the trees make me feel like I am all over the world. Some of the trees look like ones from home while others look like they could be from Africa or even Florida or California. It’s really pretty.

Naples is amazing. It’s beautiful. I have never seen anything as beautiful as this but it’s also kinda dirty. There is trash everywhere. A few unlucky ones almost got run over by bus- that was frightening- but we all survived. I’m seeing that what they say about crossing the streets is true- don’t stop and don’t look, just go. That could take some getting used to. I got to have gilato. It was AMAZING!!! I had one that was white chocolate with chocolate chips inside. It was good. The gilato is so creamy. I think that’s one reason I like it so much and another is the flavor. It’s so much richer. I rode the Metro today. It is fun. We also went to a castle. Castle S. Elmo (I didn’t know Elmo had a castle). It was huge. I toured around it with Valerie and Christy and took tons of pictures. After the castle tour, we also prayed for Naples while here, we went to the Cameo store where I got a beautiful necklace for myself. For supper I had pasta with peas inside, cheese, and a red sauce. It was really good. I got Euro’s. They are pretty. Naples is a fun and moving city. It never stops. You seem to always hear people honking their horns or an ambulance. There is a craziness about it. I think that’s what makes it so interesting. I love how the atmosphere is full of love. Everywhere we looked from the castle, I could see love everywhere. It was so sweet. The families are really connected. I’m really enjoying it so far but I can not wait to finally get some sleep. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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