Italy Day 3

Journal Entry from June 5, 2010

After a long awaited shower I finally feel refreshed! It has been an amazing day so far. We got our groups. Everyone has been split up into groups of 10. My group leader is Emily. She’s really nice. We are then broken up into smaller groups of 3 for our street ministry. I am in a group with Christy and Lauren. We visited several shops and found one that we will visit every day- Cliche. Going into this store showed me how it could be really difficult to talk to the people. The women inside, Valleria, is very friendly but does not speak English and our Italian is limited. It was really hard to communicate with her but it all worked out.

The walk to the Piazza was amazing. The water was absolutely beautiful. It was very blue, you could see through to the bottom, and even the rocks were pretty. Only problem is I forgot my camera. We all got quite the scare though. There was a baby doll floating around in the water and it freaked several of us out. Christy, Lauren, Sarah, Angie, and I went and played volleyball with an adorable Italian kid, Paulo, when we got to the piazza. He was so funny. When he left I met several different kids throughout the evening that I played with- Lorrisa, Carmen, Manuelo, and Tristan. They were all so sweet and absolutely adorable. I also played frisbee with Yorraine. Yorraine knew a little English and I knew enough Italian where I could start up the conversation. It was really cool. Paulo knew a lot of English.

For supper, we had some amazing potatoes and alfredo. Yummy!!! After eating I got a special suprise (Cheesecake!) and it was amazing. After that Amber Singer and I went outside and talked, played uno, and chased El Cougero, Kitty (it was a cat- actually several cats). We never caught them so we retreated to our rooms, deafeated by the El Cougero Kitties.  It was a good day. I’ve started talking to more people here and making friends. I am really enjoying myself.


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