Italy Day 4

Journal Entry from June 6, 2010

So, today is Sunday and we will be going to church with Emily and Jason. Right now, however, I am sitting on the balcony just looking over the city. It is beautiful. Last night was a little bit interesting. I thought that Amber S., Amber H., Christy, and I were going to get a new roommate- a seagull. The thing just sat on our windowsill and laughed at us. It kinda scared me at first.

Church was really cool. It was small and simple- which I kind of like. The people were very friendly and made us feel at home. During church we attempted to sing hymns- in Italian. May not of been right, but at least we tried. The children of the church got up and took turns reading 1st Samuel. It was really sweet. After they read all of 1st Samuel we did communion. There was a little difference in the communions. Here at home we pass everything around and all eat or drink at the same time. They, however, eat or drink as soon as they receive it. I like seeing the differences in things we do and the Italians do. On the way back to the hostel, Jason got chocolate covered coffee beans. They were soooo amazing- and I don’t even like coffee!

Today has been a good day. I really love our times in the Piazza which is where I just got back from. Before hand, however, we were entertained by Pharris! He did some pretty cool magic tricks and shared his testimony- which I really am glad I got to hear. After this, we headed to the Piazza where I learned to play Ninja. It is a really fun game but let me tell you- NEVER play against an Italian, they are QUICK! We made friends with three guys. They seem really nice and friendly. The ninja game was definitely a hit.  When heading back to the hostel, we got gilato (I tried Raspberry- it was good). For supper tonight, we had a delicious white pasta with alfredo sauce, peas and what I will call bacon, and some zucchini on the side. It was heavenly. Amber S., Ethan, Josh, and me went on the balcony and played uno. Josh won. After that, Christy, Jenny, Amber S., and I played picturica. I was ok at that game. We then came up to the room and that is where I am now. I can already tell that I am not going to like leaving this beautiful city and these loving people.


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