Italy Day 5

Journal Entry from June 7, 2010

Today has been really good so far. This morning, Christy, Lauren, and I began our street evangelism. We went to several stores and found two that we want to come to again. One is Cliche. The cashier’s name is Valleria. She recognized us from the other day- which right now is our goal, make ourselves familiar to her. After visiting this store we went to a Caffee where we had cappuccino’s. Let me tell you, they were amazing! There were three guys working. One of the guys was from Brazil and could speak English really well. He insisted that we sat down and had our cappuccino’s (normally you would pay mega bucks to do this). I gulped that cappuccino down and of course then had to go to the bathroom. This was my first Italian public restroom experience. It was extremely tiny. It had no toilet paper, so good thing I brought my handy dandy tp! There was no toilet seat. And it took me FOREVER to figure out how to flush it! That thing was way up on the wall- weird. It was an experience I will never forget- my first Italian public restroom. After the ministry, cappuccino, and bathroom break we met up with the rest of our group and went for pizza. It was delicious!

I just thought of something that I saw. By the sea I see a lot of shrines to the saints. They have statues of a saint with flowers and candles all around. It is really strange to me because I have never seen anything like that before. It’s different.

We are at the Piazza right now. We just played a game of Ninja, which was extremely fun. Wes acts like a Ninja so well. He is hilarious. Today he sang Christmas songs to distract us and then he would attack. I made it to the top three at one point. YAY! Right now we are watching Fe skate. He’s really good. Skating is one of those things that is still very popular here.

I’m back at the hostel right now. There were not many kids at all tonight, so Vallerie, Angie, and I teamed up and went on a prayer walk. We prayed that more people would come here tomorrow and we prayed for Ferdinando. Tonight Jason talked to him and we learned about his beliefs. Tomorrow him and Jason are going to talk. I really  hope that he is a believer. He is like a part of our group. He talks to everyone one on one and cares about all of us. It’s really cool. After all of this happened we went out for lemon Girinada’s. The are the original Italian Ice. They were AMAZING!

On the way home I finally got to see the locks and chains.Here, couples will go to the rails by the sea and put a chain around the rail and lock it. They then put their initials or names on the lock and throw the key into the sea as a symbol of their lasting love. I think that is the sweetest thing! My favorite one that I saw was one with a pink chain and on the lock they put their names and a little heart in the middle. It was really sweet.

I really like it here. The people are so loving and friendly and they are ready to help. Today we just sat in the Piazza watching the people. They are so together and very eager to meet new people (Italian or American). They are connected. I wish at home it were as loving and caring as here. Life could be so amazing for everyone if it were. I even think we could reach more people if we were as together and caring as the Italians are.

I am sitting on the balcony as I do every night. I met this guy, Hiro. He is 27 (doesn’t look it though) and is a traveler. He was from Tokyo. In Tokyo he was a chef at an Italian restaurant and came here to just travel. He will stay here as long as he feels like it and will just explore. I showed him my pictures and he loved them. It was really fun talking to him.

Rachel, Amber S., Josh, and me sat our here on the balcony for an hour. We all told our testimonies and talked about our lives right now. It was a perfect night. I really enjoyed getting to just sit around and talk with them.


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