Italy Day 7

Journal Entry from June 9, 2010

This morning, instead of going and doing our street ministry, we went on a historic city walk. We started out by going to see the statue of Jesus. We then went to the new and old church. The old church was extremely elaborate. This church has a “miracle doctor.” People with illnesses would go to the doctor and pray with him about their problems they would then purchase a silver heart, arm, leg, stomach- whatever body part they had a problem with- and frame it in the hallway of the church. People who walk by are supposed to pray for these people and their problem. After the old church, we went to the new church. The new church was built as a place of worship and was no where near as elaborate as the old church.

After seeing the churches we went to a privately owned museum. The first thing we saw in here was a statue of Jesus. As you walk around the statue and look at it from different angles, Jesus’ face had different expressions. The next thing we saw was a sculpture that a boy did of his father. the father is entangled in a net with only his face poking out. The net represents all the sin he had in his life- alcohol, smoking, and adultery- and he’s trying to free himself. The last thing we saw here was scientific and honestly pretty cool in a creepy kind of way. A man and a woman donated their bodies to science. The scientists somehow were able to preserve their veins, arteries, and some organs. We got to see this. It was awesome. This is something that has only been accomplished this one time.

I just got back to the hostel after an amazing night in the Piazza. We went to the Piazza but not many people were there. We played Ninja as usual but then Sarah Beth, Megan, and I went and drew with chalk with some little kids. It was here that we met Chiara. She is 20 years old, beautiful, and going to the university to study law. She speaks a lot of English. She in line skates amazingly. I have never seen anything like it. After talking with Chiara, Fabio came up and taught several of us how to wake board. That was fun. He would hold our hands and walk us along and then for a few of us lucky ones, he would start running and then just push you- needless to say, you are on your own then 🙂    It was a lot of fun. After our time in the Piazza, our group went out for Pizza with Chiara, Fe, and Fabio. We also met up with Andreah and Mila there at the restaurant. This was our first time meeting Mila and she was also beautiful. She is a first soprano and has an amazing voice.  After supper, the Italians walked us to our hostel where we then parted. This was the night most of us got our very first Italian kiss. Now before you freak out, realize that this is the cheek kiss. You always go to the right first, kiss, then to the left. It was cool.


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