Italy Day 9

Journal Entry from June 11, 2010

It was a really good yet difficult night. We got to the Piazza and Fe was already waiting. Chiara got there soon after. I got to meet Carlotta, Fe’s sister. Carlotta talked to me about how they are moving in a month to a place on the southern tip of Italy. They are moving because life is so difficult in Naples. Se would never tell me how, but she constantly said it was difficult. Her and Chiara kept telling me how they would love to see me again and I must say that I would LOVE to come back and visit with them for a longer period of time. We had a really fun time tonight. Fe kept going around poking us and it would surprise us and cause us to shriek. He got the greatest laughs out of this. It was so hard when we got back to the Hostel and had to say our good-by’s . I did the “Italian Kiss” with Carlotta, Chiara, and Fabio. Fe gave me a super long bear hug. I am really going to miss them. I will keep in touch though.

Today has been crazy. We got up super early so that we could see where Paul landed and then go to Pompeii, but we got an unexpected surprise. This morning the train drivers went on strike and the trains were not running. Here’s the kicker though, we had already gone on one train to the second stop from our hostel. It was while we were waiting for the second train that we learned of the bus strike.. We couldn’t go and see where Paul landed because the train that goes there was gone and the other train that went to Pompeii would go up but there was no guarantee that it would come back down today. Therefore we walked down to a Piazza and waited for a plan. Charlie was really nice and was going to shuttle us in his van (would have taken hours) but he managed to find one train that was making one more stop and then strike. The stop was coincidentally at our hostel. We ran to the station and jumped on and headed back to the hostel. When we got back, Angie, Rachel, Allisa, Sarah Beth, and I went to see Fe. He explained the mafia to us. today, Fe gave us a really good laugh. He had Rachel teach him to cheer. He was amazed at the concept of a cheerleader because there is no such sport as cheer-leading in Italy. He was going to teach us to dance but we had to leave to catch the bus for Rome. It was really sad.

So, we made it to Rome and our hotel is really nice. Even has a bidet, which is a huge laugh for our entire group. We had an amazing dinner. It was a three- course Italian meal. The first coarse was lasagna and bread. The second, pork and some type of potato. The third, strawberry and lemon gilatto. It was absolutely amazing. It was a real deal Italian meal. The only other thing we did was go to the Auchan (Ocean) which is a gigantic super market. While there I bought candy, coffee, and pasta sauce with a little less olive (there are no olive-less pasta sauces). I also went and looked at the baby food- as Jason told me to. That was crazy. They had emu, chicken, horse, trout, salmon, tuna, cow, and rabbit flavored baby food. Crazy isn’t it! After that I got stuck in the elevator on the way up to my room. That was super scary. Apparently the power flickered. When it came back on it dropped a little bit and the doors opened. I took the stairs…


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