Just a few of the fun and memorable things that may not have gotten mentioned in other posts. 🙂

  • Getting locked in the bathroom. Scary but hilarious
  • Getting full blown LOST in Rome on the last night with Emily
  • Meeting Carlotta, Mila, Chiara, Fabio, Fe, Myliama, and Valleria
  • Using the bathroom on the airplane. Something about that is just really cool (to me and several others)
  • Throwing E.20 into the Trevii Fountain
  • Jason getting onto me for being to quiet
  • Charlie scaring me to death by grabbing my purse when i wasnt paying attention
  • Playing Ninja in the Piazza
  • Learning to wake board
  • The strawberry cheesecake from Charlie on my birthday
  • Yummy chocolate from Emily on my birthday
  • Gilato and Gernada’s!!!!
  • Walking the streets of Napoli at night with our Italian friends before we said goodbye

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