My Prayer for Napoli, Italy

Dear God,

I am flying home after 10 amazing days in Italy. Most spent in Napoli. I grew to love the people and city with a sort of passion. There was one day when I realized how lost the people were. It broke my heart when that realization set in. I cried that night. I prayed for hours for the people of Napoli. They seem to be stuck on tradition. Their family is Catholic, so they are. Charlie’s team is the only team there. I know he is trying and doing an amazing job, but he needs help. They can be reached, this was proven this week. The people are hungry. I hope and pray that you send more to harvest the seeds planted and plant new ones. I pray that these people can come to know you. I know they could bring more people than imaginable to your kingdom. I pray that you watch over all of my Italians friends. I pray that Fabio and Fe will continue to talk to Jason like they said they want to. I really hope they will change and believe. I pray for my friends by name: Mila, Chiara, Fabio, Fe, Andrea, and Carlotta. I also want you to keep the shop owner’s I met with you: Myliama and Valleria. Watch over Charlie and Shannon, Emily and Jason, Paul, Courtney, and Grace. Please be over all of Italy and the new believers that we had. Help us to break down the language barrier there will be as we communicate with our Italian friends. Lord, once again, I just pray that you keep a hand over Italy, especially Napoli.



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