TTC Month 27

We are officially in to our 27th month of trying to conceive. As a recap, on month 25 we began trying the Creighton method as a way to see if we could find other problems to go along with my PCOS. The Creighton method is basically charting cervical mucus throughout a month to see obvious signs of ovulation as well as other problems such as deficiencies, PCOS, etc. Month 26 we began taking Progesterone due to my levels being much too low as well as my cervical mucus not being up to par. We officially have had a month on progesterone and oh me is all I can say.

Starting the progesterone was quite bumpy. I wound up having a “reaction” so to speak pretty much immediately. About 4-6 hours after I took my first dosage I began having leg cramps. When I say leg cramps, I really mean Charlie horses in both legs that lasted from 30- 50 minutes a piece. When one stopped, another began, and if another one didn’t begin, my legs ached. They ached in a way that reminds me of walking for hours straight or standing for hours straight for a couple of days in a row. It got to the point where I was unable to walk straight due to the pain. I had to call the emergency on call doctor at my clinic and was advised to take one every other day  so that maybe these symptoms would stop. I was too afraid to completely stop taking it because if I did and I were pregnant, we would have been at risk for miscarrying again. I tried the every other day through the weekend and my symptoms did subside. I wound up having tingling in my legs and some numbness but it was manageable. On Monday morning my doctor called and had me come in and we decided to take a lower dosage each day. I did that for the remainder of the month and the symptoms as far as leg cramps were minimal.

Any of you ladies getting ready to take progesterone may wonder, what were your side effects? It was a question I asked many and it was nice to kind of be prepared for a few things. When I take the progesterone, I have HORRIBLE hot flashes. I already have hot flashes that I contribute to my high blood pressure (they came on about the same time). These were bad enough to where I could be sitting at my desk at work with my fan ON TOP OF THE DESK, not under like usual, blowing straight at my face and I still just had sweat poring. Hot flashes suck. Since progesterone is a hormone, guess what it made me. That’s right, you guessed it, hormonal. I am a sensitive person, I will admit that, but I don’t just cry. I really have to be alone and just extremely upset to cry and I rarely every cry in front of anyone- even my husband. That is definitely not the case with the progesterone. I was crying at everything, no matter how big or small, and it did not take much to make me irritated. The progesterone also made me very hungry. I have been proud of myself because over the years I have started eating much healthier, lower carb, and smaller portions more in line with the recommended portion sizes. I had to really watch myself when I take the progesterone because I can eat an entire meal and still feel like I haven’t eaten in days. Those really were the majority of my symptoms- hot flashes, hormonal, and super crazy appetite. Hopefully I will not have the leg cramping again as that isn’t something my doctor has ever encountered.

Obviously because I am posting this post, we were not successful this month in becoming pregnant. That is okay though. My cycle did lengthen and cervical mucus actually did improve. So, for the time being, I will not have to take anything extra to create better cervical mucus. We will be trying the same things last month as this month and we are crossing our fingers that this will be our month and praying to God daily. It was really hard when I got a no on my pregnancy test this past month. My cycle went much longer than I am accustomed to (although it was what a normal cycle length should be around) and we were really hoping that there would be that second line. It broke my heart a bit when there wasn’t. My husband and I both have really missed Riley this month. Right now we would have been about 7 months. It really hurts some days. Some days I still get that empty feeling and just long for the baby that we lost. I know Riley is in a better place and we will meet again one day, but until that day, I will keep that baby in my heart. I hope and pray that this month will be our month just as I hope those of you going through similar problems get your month and your rainbow baby.

I have seen many women in my groups ask each other “How do you cope with it being such a long journey.” My answer is I prayer. I prayer and I am hopeful and feel confident that my doctors are treating all of my problems now and it is just a matter of being in God’s timing now. It has been 27 months. 27 very long and very trying months, but I just feel that things are working out like they are supposed to. I also cope by keeping open communication with my husband. If I have a day where I am struggling with this I talk to him then and tell him exactly what I am feeling.