TTC Month 28- Update

I figure it is time for an update on here since we finally had our month 28 doctors appointment. As you may remember I was taking progesterone  supplements to attempt to lengthen my cycle but I had a reaction of leg cramps. I know that probably sounds funny but they were not your ordinary leg cramps and it did raise concerns with my doctor. Since we have been on that particular treatment plan for three months and it did not work and the leg cramps did continue, although not as bad when we lowered my dosage, we have started a new treatment plan. Even with the supplements my body was just not getting enough progesterone because I cannot take the full doseage. 

What we are now trying is HCG shots. HCG is the hormone that is known as the pregnancy hormone. It should operate in a similar way the progesterone supplements should have. What should happen is my body should start naturally producing progesterone instead of us taking the supplement. The concept is the same however. We want to increase my progesterone which increases my chances of a viable pregnancy and not facing another miscarriage as well as lengthening my cycle. Lengthening my cycle will increase our chances of again having a healthy and viable pregnancy and actually being able to become pregnant.

As with anything it seems there is a downside to this. We cannot take a pregnancy test. Because what we are taking is hCG if we were to take a pregnancy test we will get a positive result even if we are not pregnant. There is a certain test at the doctors office can do to see if we are pregnant or not but until I either do not start another cycle for certain amount of time or until my next appointment in June we will not be able to know at home if we are pregnant. It is kind of sad that we don’t get that moment of surprise waiting for the stick to give you those two lines or the word pregnant. However if this gives us our rainbow baby then we will be overjoyed either way and no matter where we are when we find out. 

We are finishing up month 28 right now and getting ready to start on month 29. Last month was very difficult and I’m not gonna lie this month has been difficult as well. With Mother’s Day coming up this week I can’t help but think about the loss of our Riley. I can’t help but think about the fact that we should’ve been giving birth this month, we should’ve been bringing our baby home, and meeting our baby face to face.  I know that our Riley is in a better place, in a place where someone is taking such good care of he or she and I know that one day we will be reunited with Riley, but until then I miss our baby so much. Preparing for this week has already been very difficult and I feel like Mother’s Day is going to be a very difficult day for me. As it gets closer to time I may make a pos, I’m  just gonna see how it goes.

To all the mothers out there who have their child in their arms be sure and cherish that time you have. And happy Mother’s Day to you. To all the mothers out there who had to say goodbye to their child much too soon always remember that you are a mother to and this day is as much for you as anyone else. It’s much harder for us I believe but it’s a day for us to remember that we too are mothers. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.